Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland has been nominated for the 'Award Diversiteit in Bedrijf'

March 2019
Rotterdam – the Netherlands

Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland has been nominated for the 'Award Diversiteit in Bedrijf' amongst two nominees. On April 4th 2019, a conference will be held at the headquarters of ABN AMRO in Amsterdam, during which the winning company will be announced. This award has been conceptualized by the Labor Foundation (Stichting van de Arbeid) as an initiative of the Charter Diversity.

In this context, on the 21st of June 2017, Charter Diversity has been co-signed by Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland. The Diversity Charter is part of the Diversiteit in Bedrijf project. This project supports employers and employees in their quest and aim for more diversity in their organizations through the provision of knowledge/information, network and advice. With the latter, employers can improve their results.

For more information: https://diversiteitinbedrijf.nl/de-tandheelkunde-groep-spreekt-uw-taal/


- Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland reopens its dental clinics for regular dental treatments
- Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland applies high measures against COVID-19 virus and keeps doors open for emergency treatments
- Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland increases educational and training programs
- Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland expands its activities into Bergen op Zoom region
- Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland’s management visited the Greater New York Dental Meeting
- Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland's management attends VvAA Conference on November 2nd 2019
- Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland has been awarded the title FD Gazelle 2019
- The Code of Conduct of Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland has been ratified by the management of the group
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