Charter Diversity has been co-signed by Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland

June 2017
Rotterdam – the Netherlands

Employers at the signing:
The Diversity Charter will keep you alert

On the 21st of June, twelve employers have signed the Diversity Charter at an inspiring event hosted at the old prison, de Lik in Utrecht. Through the signing the different companies choose a more diverse and inclusive company culture and environment. The Diversity Charter now has 92 signees.

During the meeting, hosted by Reclassering Nederland, the following companies and organizations signed the Charter: Atria, Driessen HRM, Facility Support, Innogy Essent, C.Kornuyt BV, MKB-Utrecht, Novartis Pharma BV, Reclassering Nederland, Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland BV, Werkgeversvereniging Banken, Women Inc. and Woonstad Rotterdam. During the signing of the Charter, each of them highlighted the added value of diversity for their organizations.

With the signing of the Diversity Charter, an employer commits to promote and implement an effective diversity policy through measures formulated by the company or organization, all the while in line with economic objectives. Sjef van Gennip, General Director of Reclassering Nederland and one of the speakers at the event has said: "The Diversity Charter offers guidelines by which diversity within Reclassering Nederland can be advanced".

The Diversity Charter is part of the Diversiteit in Bedrijf project. This project supports employers and employees in their quest and aim for more diversity in their organizations through the provision of knowledge/information, network and advice. With the latter, employers can improve their results.

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