Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland applies high measures against COVID-19 virus and keeps doors open for emergency treatments

  • Press Release
  • March 2020
  • Rotterdam - the Netherlands
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COVID-19 virus, which was first diagnosed in Wuhan, China, increased its effect in Europe at the beginning of March. The first case in Europe appeared on January 21st in Bordeaux, France. There is no country on the continent where the virus is not observed. Many countries, such as Italy and France, have imposed curfews. The World Health Organization described the outbreak as a pandemic. Scientific treatment researches have been launched worldwide.

COVID-19 virus, which shows its effect all over the world, is also observed intensely in the Netherlands. Government officials have implemented a number of measures to enable a controlled further spread of the outbreak. Among these measures are the closure of schools, bars, restaurants, cafes, and gyms. On the other hand, health institutions continue their activities in order to protect public health.

Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland restricted their treatments to emergency cases, in accordance with the recommendations of the health organizations and government measures. All clinics are open for emergency dental treatments. Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland’s clinics are prepared to treat the patients of the dentists who are not able to work due to the virus. Healthcare professionals in the group are using masks of the highest technological level and protective suits. Clinics are disinfected at regular intervals. For the public health of society, all measures have been taken to be at service.